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    Soapbox Rules Empty Soapbox Rules

    Post by The Hammer on Sat Feb 28, 2009 1:59 pm

    What is the Soapbox?
    The Soapbox is a forum designated for serious debate and discussion. It serves two purposes: to help clean up OT and give members that favor this sort of discussion a place to call home.

    What should I post here?
    Everything controversial, debatable and somewhat intelligent.

    This is not OT. Threads/post must contain some substance. You MUST state your own opinion. Simply posting someone else's work is not enough. For example, posting a link to a CNN article followed by "Discuss." is not a valid post. If the mods find your posts to be consistently lacking in content, you may be warned.

    Again, this is not OT
    No joke, crap posts. No spamming the forum. If you have more than 5 threads on the first page, you have 1 too many.

    Do not quote a full article. Copy and paste the relevant sections of the article and include the author and a link to the original.

    The very nature of this forum is controversial. If someone posts something that offends you, refute or ignore them. While personal attacks are still prohibited, we will turn a blind eye to jabs. Please don't cry to the mods if your feelings get hurt.

    Titles must reflect the topic
    Nuff said.

    Moderators have final discretion
    Feel free to ask, but right or wrong the mod's decision is final. Please don't make a big deal out of it.

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